The ComXo 4 P’s and whats behind them.

As we are approaching our 30th anniversary later this year, more than ever I recognise the immense importance of creating a smart, evolving and strong culture.

Margaret Keane, CEO of Synchrony, mentioned on her latest article : “Company culture shouldn’t be an afterthought — it’s something that requires constant care at every level”

What makes a company is not only the board of directors, the client managers, the business strategies, the clients, but just as important is the team: the people that are often disguised as “working behind the scenes”… but our employees are the very soul of our organisation.

The four values at ComXo are simple: Politeness, Professionalism, Proficiency and Personality. These are the four pillars, created soon after the birth of the business 30 years ago, and are what we identify ourselves with and what gives each of us a sense of belonging.

Every day we aspire to live up to our values and mix them with the ComXo purpose “to build a business where creative, energetic people with a passion for being the best, challenge the status quo and build a better future” it is never easy, we have often strayed but they help us get back on course and remind us through the highs and the lows where our north star is.

It is a daily challenge to make sure our approach improves and develops as the personalities and creativity of the company advances. It is the culture that helps keep us purposeful and current with our ever changing world workplace and technology.

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