Taking corporate culture to a holistic level

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on what we have achieved and before leaping wildly and enthusiastically into the next year a moment to think about our successes and what we can learn from our mistakes.

It is a chance to “cleanse our minds” and get ready for new ideas and challenges ahead. It is a perfect time to think collectively across the organisation on how we can iterate, evolve and improve for the New Year.

As Her Majesty reminded us in The Queen’s Speech, 2019 was at times ‘bumpy’ …we saw big established firms close down, we feel threatened by AI replacing human skills, technology and innovation are disrupting so many industries… it does not come as a surprise we have been feeling a little “uneasy”. 

We can be fearful and sceptical about change and can lose focus on what matters most in this ever evolving world. Organisations can easily lose sight of their “identity”. 

For ComXo 2020 will be as much about reminding ourselves what made us successful in the first place than just growing for growth’s sake. It will be a year to focus on our culture.

I came across an interesting article “The service opportunity in 2020” published by “The Institute of Customer Services”, where amongst the predicted main trends for 2020, it mentions the importance of a “renewed focus on organisational culture, providing a genuinely service – orientated culture across the organisation” and that “customer service is a way of doing business that is fundamental to the organisations’ purpose and values”.

At ComXo a strong culture is the essential foundation of what makes our business enjoyable, successful and resilient. We aim to be profitable, but perhaps we should be asking ourselves who we are profitable to? Can the organisation profit its staff, community and environment as well as its shareholders?

A more holistic corporate culture gives a sense of belonging and purpose to its stakeholders. People prosper and become the best version of themselves when they have purpose over and above shareholder return and feel empowered to be creative and valued for their ideas and efforts.

This year will be a special one as ComXo has entered into its 30th year of business. We are celebrating throughout the year in many ways, particularly in the Windsor community as we fundraise for the ComXo Community Fund. The engagement from our teams has made me realise how passionate they are in making a difference at a local level.

I continually have to remind myself how important and powerful a purposeful culture is. It takes time to build and one has to be continuously vigilant but the prize is a virtuous circle that enables the business to reach its goals and keep raising the bar of performance and standards as a team.

There are always external pressures that cause short term reactions. At times we may even find ourselves at a bumpy “make or break” moment, but it is at these times when a strong purposeful culture backed up by ‘lived’ values enables a business to tap into its true identity and come together as a team to overcome the challenges thrown at them.

So here’s to 2020 , to health, happiness and prosperity for our customers, teams, community and environment…. and a less bumpy but no less thrilling ride!

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